Safety Law News for September 6, 2017

  • In California, officials at the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District are implanting a new disciplinary program with Monterey County juvenile justice agencies.  “Advocating Responsible Choices” is basically a diversion program that relies upon school resource officers who make the initial contact and administer the program.”
  • In Kentucky, the Boyle County Sheriffs’ Office is adding a four-year-old German shepherd to the Boyle County School Resource Officer Program.  Together with the SRO, the dog walks the halls of each of the Boyle County Schools and check the parking lots.
  • In Georgia, officials at the McDuffie County School Board of Education are implementing new safety procedures at football games at the high school.  Metal detectors will be utilized for entry and all bags will be searched at entry points.  Additional School Resource Officers will also be on hand for all varsity home games to speed up utilizing metal detectors.