Safety Law News for May 14, 2015

  • In Arkansas, the Governor has sign into law HB 1583, legislation that extends the jurisdiction of a school resource officer. Now the SRO will have statewide jurisdiction when accompanying students on a school sanctioned event that takes place outside the county in which the school is located.
  • In Idaho, HB 246 has passed that is designed to curb bullying and cyberbullying in Idaho schools. Data showed that one in 10 students have either switched schools or dropped out due to bullying. Under the law, schools are required to train teachers to deal with bullying and require them to intervene when they see it happen. School districts will have to make a yearly report on bullying incidents.
  • In Massachusetts, the Plymouth School Board formally paid tribute to police and firefighters in ensuring safety with plaques recognizing the professional and collegial relationship fostered between the departments in recent years.
  • In North Carolina, the Center for Safer Schools released its 2015 North Carolina School Resource Officer Report. The Report compiles data on the growth of the school resource officer program in the state and contains a survey of the responses of SROs on the scope of their work in maintaining safe campuses.

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