Safety Law News for May 11, 2017

  • In Indiana, the United States District Court has upheld the authority of educators to act in-loco-parentis in the school environment.  The parents challenged a provision of the education code that states: “In all matters relating to the discipline and conduct of students, school corporation personnel…stand in the relation of parents to the students of the school corporation.”  [Orr v. Ferebee].
  • In Louisiana, the Court of Appeal of Louisiana upheld the search of a student after a teacher observed what he believed to be a hand-to-hand transaction between the student and another student known to have issues with marijuana.  [State in Interest of K.L.]
  • In Texas, the Court of Appeals of Texas upheld the  search of a group of students by a school resource officer who was responding to an anonymous tip that marijuana use was in progress by a group of students near the school.  The officer’s corroboration of its reliability established reasonable suspicion.  [Matter of V.G.]
  • In Indiana, the Court of Appeals of Indiana ruled that the questioning of a student by a law enforcement officer at the request of an educator does not transform the questioning into a custodial interrogation if the SRO is acting to fulfill an educational purpose.  [B.A. v. State].