Safety Law News for March 8, 2016

  • In New York, the number of violent incidents on school campuses increased  by nearly 23 percent last year — reaching the highest level in at least a decade.  That includes a 40.4 percent increase in the number of assaults with injury and a 48.4 percent jump in assaults with “serious” ­injury.
  • In Illinois, the legislature has introduced amendments to the Safe Routes to School program.  The proposed policy [HB 2623] would increase funding to improve street safety for students walking to school.
  • In Colorado, the legislature has introduced a school safety policy that would allow licensed mental health professionals to disclose “articulable and significant” threats against schools to administrators and police.  The proposal, [16-1063] would not require therapists and counselors to disclose such threats, but those who do would be protected from lawsuits. Current state law requires mental health professionals to report “imminent” school threats.