Safety Law News for June 1, 2017

  • In Minnesota, the U.S. District Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by a St. Paul teacher who sued the school district for injuries sustained in an assault by a student.  The court ruled that the teacher failed to prove his case merited special consideration beyond the sole remedy provided by the state’s workers’ compensation system.  [John Ekblad v. Independent School District No. 625].
  • In California, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to renew the SRO program.  However, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will have to report back with data to prove the “effectiveness” of the program if it is to continue.
  • In Montana, officials in Ravalli County are in agreement on funding a full-time deputy to serve in the schools.  The County Superintendent says; “an SRO acts as a deterrent.  [T]hey also act as a kind of teacher.”
  • In Nevada, Senate Bill 225 will expand anti-bullying policy to require all schools, including private schools, to train employees on issues of gender identity, promptly report bullying incidents, and establish a school safety team focused on ensuring a safe and respectful learning environment.  It will be voluntary for private schools to adopt the state policy.