Safety Law News for December 5, 2016

• In Kentucky, the Children’s Law Center of Kentucky released a report regarding school based restraint and seclusion. It concludes that restraint and seclusion on students in Kentucky schools is often unnecessary and that the use of such techniques should be better documented.

• In Pennsylvania, eight Dauphin County police departments along with several school districts are coming together in an initiative to reform school discipline. The goal is to stop the “school to prison” pipeline in the county.

• In Utah, school officials and police are praising a mother and father who disarmed and detained their son after he fired a shotgun inside of a Utah middle school.

• In Oregon, school officials in Silverton are taking steps to add rigor to their bullying policies after suspending ten students who were involved in a pro-Trump rally in the parking lot of a high school on Nov. 8 after election results were announced.