Safety Law News for April 5, 2016

  • In Florida, a state appellate court ruled that a student, who was suspended, had no legitimate business on campus and violated statute governing trespass on school grounds when he went back into the school. [MM v. State]
  • In North Carolina, an appellate court upheld the conviction of a student adjudicated delinquent for cyberstalking in violation of state law.  The student sent vulgar text messages to a school staff member. [In re J.L.H.]
  • In Maryland, an appellate court upheld the adjudication of a student for willfully disturbing school activities in violation of state law when he cursed at an assistant principal in the hallway while students were changing classes. [In re Terelle A.]
  • In Washington State, an appellate court reversed the adjudication of a student’s microblog posts stating that she wanted to punch another student in the throat using a hashtag stating that the student “must die.”   The court ruled that the post did not constitute a “true threat.” [State v. Kohonen]