Safety Law News for April 18, 2017

  • In Massachusetts, the Springfield Public Schools have combined restorative justice principles with the “triad” concept of school-based policing to reduce arrests and suspensions.   Arrests have declined 70 percent over a five-year period.  Suspensions — in school and out of school — have decreased by 44 percent over the same period.
  • In Ohio, the Indian Valley Board of Education gave unanimous approval to a new weapons policy permitting qualifying staff members to possess firearms on school premises.  The schools in the district have identified staff members who will undergo training.
  • In Pennsylvania, the Senate Education Committee will soon vote on Senate Bill 383 that would allow school personnel to carry loaded weapons in public schools.  Under the provisions of the legislation, each school district has discretion to allow employees who have a concealed-carry permit and appropriate training to have access to firearms.
  • In Massachusetts, officials in Hingham utilized a unique approach to revising the school safety Memorandum of Understanding between the police and the school district.  There were several public sessions to discuss the MOU and to solicit input.  The officials worked on the MOU revisions for more than a year.