Safety Law News for April 10, 2017

  • In Tennessee, the director of Murfreesboro City Schools has asked the Murfreesboro City Council to expand the school resource officer program. Dr. Linda Gilbert says, “we would love to have one in every school…we have found them absolutely invaluable to our students. They develop relationships with our teachers and with our children that just can’t be replaced.”
  • In New Jersey, the Bloomfield School District will participate in New Jersey Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS).  SRTS authorizes the creation of safer routes to and from school by identifying problem areas and proposing solutions. It serves as a basis for funding SRTS projects with Federal Highway Administration funding.
  • In Louisiana, the Pointe Coupee Parish School District is reassessing its policy on cellphone restrictions for students.  Almost 20 percent of the disciplinary referrals teachers have written this year at the parish’s lone high school had to do with cellphone violations.