Safety Law News for 10/17/14

  • The Crime Stoppers Tips Hotline will be taking over the administrative functions of a school safety notification program in Northland, Missouri schools.  The new program allows students from the Northland schools to anonymously text tips to law enforcement.

Safety Law News for 10/6/14

Safety Law News for 9/26/14

  • In Omaha, Nebraska, associate school resource officers are part-time employees who are retired from the police force. They work as sworn officers in public schools, but now they’re seeing their hours slashed because of provisions of the federal Affordable Health Care Act.
  •  Every public middle and high school in North Carolina has a school resource officer.   As a new school year begins, North Carolina officials are encouraging parents and students to get to know their school resource officer.
  • Officials in Marshall, Alabama aim to have full-time officers at each of Marshall County’s schools.

Safety Law News for 9/3/14

  • A growing number of cities in Connecticut are choosing to eliminate the once popular Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program, redirecting DARE funds into a full-time school resource officer.
  • A federal judge has ruled a jury must decide whether an Allentown, Pennsylvania police officer was properly trained to use a Taser and to be a school resource officer when he shot a 14-year-old girl in the groin with a stun gun.
  • South Bend, Indiana officials begin assessing and correcting problems with the practice of school police issuing citations to students for fighting and other offenses.
  •  The Post Falls, Idaho school district and police department have been awarded a grant from the Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission to launch a one-year pilot teen court program.  The court will feature teen peers that will serve on a six-member jury and hear cases involving minor in possession of tobacco or alcohol, curfew violations and runaways.

Safety Law News for 8/26/14

  • The Santa Cruz, Arizona County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved funding for 3.5 school resource officer positions at local schools.

Safety Law News for 8/22/14

  • In Hillsborough County, Florida, the school district has implemented a new school security plan. Under the plan, school officials are placing 20 new community service officers in the elementary schools. The officers work for the district and oversee four to six schools each. The officers do not have arrest powers like school resource officers.