Safety Law News for 9/3/14

  • A growing number of cities in Connecticut are choosing to eliminate the once popular Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program, redirecting DARE funds into a full-time school resource officer.
  • A federal judge has ruled a jury must decide whether an Allentown, Pennsylvania police officer was properly trained to use a Taser and to be a school resource officer when he shot a 14-year-old girl in the groin with a stun gun.
  • South Bend, Indiana officials begin assessing and correcting problems with the practice of school police issuing citations to students for fighting and other offenses.
  •  The Post Falls, Idaho school district and police department have been awarded a grant from the Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission to launch a one-year pilot teen court program.  The court will feature teen peers that will serve on a six-member jury and hear cases involving minor in possession of tobacco or alcohol, curfew violations and runaways.

Safety Law News for 8/26/14

  • The Santa Cruz, Arizona County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved funding for 3.5 school resource officer positions at local schools.

Safety Law News for 8/22/14

  • In Hillsborough County, Florida, the school district has implemented a new school security plan. Under the plan, school officials are placing 20 new community service officers in the elementary schools. The officers work for the district and oversee four to six schools each. The officers do not have arrest powers like school resource officers.


Safety Law News for 8/18/14

  • A staffing shortage of 18 officers at the Fargo, North Dakota Police Department means school resource officers are going to be pulled out of schools and placed back into squad cars.  The Police Department and Fargo Public Schools are collaborating on the issue to find a feasible solution.
  • In California, the school board for the Compton Unified School District has implemented a policy that allows campus police who pass an internal selection process to buy AR-15 rifles and carry them in their patrol car trunks while on duty.
  • The City of Norman, Oklahoma and Norman Public Schools are implementing a school resource officer program.  There will be 13 officers. Two will be at each high school, one will be at each middle school and five will rotate between elementary schools.

Safety Law News for 8/14/14

  • Students in Jackson County, Alabama return to classes without a School Resource Officer Program.  Officials are working hard to bring deputies back to the schools after grant funds dried up and the money ran out.
  • The Santa Maria, California Police Department is adding three school resource officers to elementary and high schools in the city.  Budget cuts caused those positions to be eliminated in years past, but now the officers are back full-time.

Safety Law News for 8/7/14

  • Huntsville, Alabama police are implementing a “Zero Tolerance” policy for enforcing traffic laws in both public and private school zones, especially at the beginning and ending of the school day.
  •  The State of Florida allocates safe school funds by looking at the county crime rate. Schools in counties with a lowering crime rate are punished with a decrease in safe schools funding.  Jackson County officials have been forced to dip into the general revenue fund and safe school funds to cover the additional cost to keep resource officers on school campuses.
  •  Officials in Wareham, Massachusetts have eliminated their school resource officer program as part of an effort to cut expenses from its budget.  Despite the preferences of the school superintendent and parents, the program will not come back to the schools this year.